Saturday, 18 June 2011

Weekend Wishlist (18/06/11)

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1. This lace dress has been doing the rounds on blogs for months now and I think it's the white version that was the original Topshop lace dress (please correct me if I'm wrong)? I absolutely love this though, I think it's so pretty and the style is so flattering. As you are probably well aware of now, white is my Summer 'colour' so of course, this dress is a must have in my eyes.

2. I'm absolutely loving this bag, it looks like a similar bag to one that was on ASOS not too long ago which I think is now sold out but this bag is just as nice. I love the mix of the animal print with the tan leather - it's just such a nice contrast of patterns and material. Plus, the padlock is just a small detail that I think really makes the bag appear more expensive than it actually is.

3. I saw this top on the Topshop website a week or so ago but I think it's just such a 'me' top. It's a racer back top with low arm holes which I love, so I think this would look great with a black lacey bra on underneath (or is that too slutty? Haha). I'd probably wear this with my high waisted denim cut offs. It's only £20 too so I think this may be a possible future purchase for me...

4. This little flower garland from River Island is so pretty, it's perfect for festival's for a hippy-esque look. They have tonnes of these flower headbands at the moment but this one is probably me favourite. 

5+6. Now I saw the red socks on Emma's wishlist and they immediately caught my eye because of how cute and kitsch they are! They have a few other different variations too but I think these are so adorable, I need them in my life right now, even if it is June! The other socks are so cute too with the little zoo animals printed on too. I just love a cute pair of socks!

7. Again, I saw this on Emma's blog too but I've been searching for the perfect moustache ring for ages and for some reason this one really caught my eye. It's just such a fun piece of jewellery and I really do need some more jewellery in my life. Plus, rings are my favourite so I just have to have this.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well, I'll be posting TWO Outfit Of The Day posts very shortly, I haven't had the chance really to post them on the days they were worn. Hope you're all having a lovely Saturday, wherever you are, it's so miserable and rainy in England at the moment but thankfully I'm off to sunny Nice tomorrow! I need to pack later and watch the rest of Made In Chelsea - I'm totally hooked now, I'd only caught bits of it whilst on tv but now I'm loving it!

Lucy xxx


  1. Haha, those socks are incredibly cute! I really like your blog, and I'm now following :] xx

  2. Hi Jenny! And I know right!? I have to have them! Thank you so much :) xx

  3. where is that gorgeous bag from?! Love this wishlist xxx

  4. Hello Becky! The bag is from Topshop! I am in love with it! :) xx

  5. I love this wish list :) I love the dress the ring and the t-shirt. Great blog :) X

  6. love what you picked! that dress and bag are TDF!!!!! i want all of this :)