Monday, 11 February 2013

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-Motivational posts
-Heath & Fitness talks and tips
-What it's really like to be a student at university....
-Plus more.....

I genuinely haven't forgotten this blog and my readers, I'm coming at you very soon.....! So keep your eyes peeled...

Lucy xxx

Friday, 18 January 2013


2012 was a rather odd but incredibly prominent year for me. If I'm honest it was pretty awful. A lot of things happened and I changed a great deal. In a way, I wish to never have to look back at 2012 ever again, but I know that really, despite the many ups and many, many, many downs I faced, I should take everything from it and learn from it. I feel I'm certainly doing that at the moment. It may be only a few weeks into 2013 but I've totally made a transformation. I've made some serious lifestyle changes and I'm proud to say I'm sticking to them. 2013 needs to be a year where I can look back at the end and be really proud of myself for turning things around and being a better person in many ways than I was in 2012. 
The year started with a bit of a drunken mess bang, with people who I thought would make my year incredible but I unfortunately had to learn that wasn't how things were meant to be....

In early February a group of friends and i got summer plans going by booking a lovely two week holiday away to Portugal...

An evening of glamour with some lovely friends. You can clearly see that Lana Del Rey was having more than a little bit of an influence over me. It may sound silly but she's definitely had an impact on my 2012, though I'm incredibly grateful for it as her music has helped me through many a time.

I celebrated my 18th birthday with a boy who really was... well a boy... this was probably a happier time in our relationship.... a nice, quiet evening for us.

My first legal drink. Keeping it classy with Rosé!

Was a very lucky girl and received this beautiful bad boy for my birthday. I love me some Marc Jacobs!

Beyoncé and Britney take over Starbucks. This is my lovely friend Maya who I've known since I was 11, and is still proving to be a stellar friend today.

I ate far too many of these throughout the year! Though perhaps some would say not enough.....

July came around thick and fast and it was off to sunny Portugal for two weeks. The beginning of an end for me.

I wasn't drinking whilst we went away but did have a few cheeky non-alcoholic drinks anyway.

This picture is a real bag of mixed emotions for me. It's bittersweet. This is taken with Sammy, a lovely girl who really was great with me when we went to Portugal and this was taken on our last night there. This was literally right before BIG changes began in my life, mainly to get everything back on track again. I could have used a different picture to show what I'm referencing to here, perhaps one that's slightly more obvious but those images are some that haunt me and I'm not quite sure I'm ready or ever will be to share those particularly images. This was a time when I was incredibly anxious and nervous about the things that were to change but also desperate for that change too. 

After some incredibly difficult news, I received some incredible news that my hard work over the summer had paid off and I had been accepted into University! Receiving an A and three B's (and that A was in Philosophy, thank you very much!), I was over the moon and incredibly proud of myself.

So we celebrated with champagne and smoked salmon canapés.... 

....And a lovely meal out with my fabulous and incredible mother. Things were looking up!

I took a lovely little break to London to see my sister. This was taken whilst 'pedalo-ing' in Hyde Park, something I highly recommend when the weather's nice in London! Oh and it's a great legs and bum workout too.

All grown up and moving away from home and up to Bath for University. It most certainly hasn't looked that neat and tidy for some time!

Made some friends with a couple of cows at Uni....

Mingled with the stars one evening. Jack Whitehall and Rupert Everett at the theatre.

Here is one of the reasons why I simply love Bath. Christmastime in the city is magical. Definitely check out the Christmas Market at the end of the year if you get the chance, it's incredible!

Came home for Christmas and back to the open arms of my family. Clearly the Christmas tree needed the magic touch of Lucy, it looks pants here! 

Spent Christmas day wrapped up in this snuggly beast...

...and this little creature was quite the fan of it too.

I look at those pictures and it seems like last year was a bit of a nothing year for me but it really wasn't. There are hardly any pictures of me and I'm glad there aren't because they most certainty wouldn't have been pretty. Last year was huge but quiet at the same time. So that's why I'm moving on to bigger and better things. 2013 is going to be a fabulous year, and I will make sure of it!
As I said earlier, I've already started making some pretty big lifestyle changes because things are going to get better for me. I've got a job that I absolutely love, despite how exhausting it is and have met some unforgettable people there already. At University, I'm taking things slowly for the rest of this academic year in order to get myself feeling prepared and will start September as a second year Film student which I'm so excited for. At the gym I'm really pushing myself and the hard work and effort is really paying off. I'm eating the healthiest I ever have, never depriving myself, but filling myself with goodness which is doing wonders in so many ways. And these small changes are all because I saw how things were last year and I'm learning from the mistakes I've made. Who knows what will happen by the end of the year. I'm setting no expectations, and am just going with it, with hope that the outcome will result in a very happy Lucy at the end of 2013.

Lucy xxx


It's been quite a while hasn't it? Some of you will probably see this and not even realise you follow me, but hello anyway!
I've never known if I'd get into this whole blogging business but due to some recent changes in my life, I feel like now is a good time to try and really get into this all again.
Now, I'll definitely admit, one of the big, BIG things holding me back from really blogging was I definitely felt like I needed to try and be successful and be like all those 'big' and 'known' bloggers. You know the ones I mean - the girls who do the outfit of the day posts, do reviews of the latest make-up must have, post hauls etc etc etc. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy their blogs (well most of them anyway) but if I'm being completely honest, I don't ever want to post about those sort of things. It's a lot of effort and time and MONEY! Seriously, the expectations to have a new outfit every post must not leave you with a very healthy bank balance I swear.
However in the past six/seven months I've discovered 'bloggers' (kinda hate that word but there is no alternative) that I felt I could genuinely relate to, they posted interesting things such as their day to day lives or recipes or trips they'd been on etc. And generally they just have a more relaxed vibe and don't seem to put pressure on themselves to post every single day with tonnes of pictures etc. They seem to blog because they enjoy it and write about things in their lives that matter to them.
And that's exactly what I want to do. I don't want to feel pressured to write and take pictures, I want to have my own little slice of the internet which can be my world where I can write things that genuinely matter to me. To have a blog that I want to read and be proud of!

So this is no specific blog. There is no specific theme, but it is exactly what it says on the tin: 'The Lucy Diaries'. Well, I say exactly, I'm not going to be sharing my deepest and darkest secrets like you may expect to find in a private diary. But instead I'm giving you me. My life. However much of it I wish to share with you. I do hope it will be interesting, though the only way I'll know that is if I actually start to enjoy using this little blog!
We could be in for a bumpy ride - hey that's what life's all about - and we most certainly could be in for a bit of a disaster, however fingers crossed this could be quite nice...

Lucy xxx