About Me

Yes, my name really is Lucy, quelle surprise! Currently I am 18 years old and am in my first year of University in Bath.
I'm a bit of a health and fitness freak, "nothing is as good as healthy feels" is something that couldn't be truer in my opinion.
Topshop is my total weakness (it's a 22minute approx. walk away from me - I shouldn't know this but I do). I'm a total foodie and love reading a good Nigella cookbook or snuggling up to drool over Nigel Slater's latest creations on the tv.
The love of my life is a rather adorable little Jack Russell-crossed-whippet called Patrick (who unfortunately doesn't live with me but back home in Hampshire with my fabulous mother).

This is only a brief introduction to me. I'm a young girl slowly but surely turning into a young lady, with a lot already learnt and a hell of a lot more to learn.
If you care to join me on my journey on discovering how my life is about to unfold, feel free to follow this blog.

A bien tot,
Lucy xxx 

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