Friday, 1 July 2011

Outfit Of The Day - 01/07/11

Top: River Island
Skirt (with belt): River Island
Sandals: ASOS
Finally! An OOTD post! Now, this isn't what I actually wore today but I did wear it on Wednesday. Sorry these pictures are so dull too, I'm hopeless at taking pictures, particularly of myself.
I quite like this outfit, particularly the skirt because I think it's just so pretty. I saw it on the River Island website for £10 in the sale and it still wasn't sold out, which I do NOT understand! Apologies for how crumpled my skirt looks anyway, I think that's actually the intended effect but whatever, it's linen so it's bound to go a bit of a funny shape.

Anyway, let me know what you think of this outfit, or if you have any improvements etc etc.

Lucy xxx


Hi everyone, SO sorry for the lack of posts over the past week or so, I got back from Nice on Sunday evening and haven't really had time to make a post on here. Nice was amazing by the way, such a beautiful place, the sun was always shining, so I've come back with a tan and also - a boyfriend! Well that's since Wednesday but whatever, still pretty much have :) No longer Bridget Jones! Hoorah!
I'll do my very best to do some posts soon, I also promised a bunch of OOTD posts which I some how never got round to posting, and the pictures were somehow deleted from my camera so that's a pain! I have about 2 pictures so I'll maybe post those in a minute.

Hope you've all been ok, talk soon,

Lucy xxx