Saturday, 28 April 2012

Weekend Wishlist (28/04/12)

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Hello guys and girls,
My first weekend wishlist for quite sometime! And it's a biggun'! I hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far. I'm just procrastinating, lazing about in bed watching YouTube videos and wasting my life on the internet - anything to stop me from revising for my French retake oral exam on Tuesday (!) or for my A-Levels (!!). Anyway, here's a collection of things I'm lusting after at the moment, and surprise surprise, all mainly from Topshop!

1. I'm loving the neon-trend, as you can tell, at the moment. These neon pink jeggings from Pull & Bear are gorgeous. I actually tried on a similar pair in Primark the other day but they were far too big - a size 8! Can't believe it but they were just horribly baggy, yet they looked tiny, I was worried I wouldn't be able to fit in them at all haha! Anyway, Pull & Bear have this gorgeous pair for only £19.99, they have them in a whole range of colours and I'm also loving the neon yellow and neon orange.

2. This Topshop dress is a rather garish and daring colour, I'm sure you'd agree! However I saw this on the website a few weeks ago and fell in love. As I mentioned, I'm loving neon especially neon yellow. This dress + a gorgeous golden tan = holiday fashion Goddess perfection.

3. How ahh-mazing are these pyjamas?! I think I could quite easily say that Topshop, hands down, do the best pj's! I still am loving moustache print things, and I'm still desperate to find a ring and necklace like everyone and their Grandma has. Anyway, these are so cute and kitsch, and I love how snuggly the pyjama bottoms look too.

4. A perfect, shimmery and sparkly Barbie pink nail varnish. I'm actually yet to purchase a Topshop nail varnish, however I received a Topshop gift voucher for my birthday a month ago that I'm yet to spend and I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether to buy nail varnishes, a lipstick or some jewellery. 

5. Neon yellow again! There are quite a few neon yellow nail varnishes out there however I've heard the American Apparel one is the only one that cuts it. Beyond tempted to purchase this.

6+7. Topshop lipsticks are some of the best high-street lipsticks out there, in my opinion. They've recently released three new colours and I adore these two. Tease is described as 'barbie pink' - hello! Anything Barbie pink or in fact Barbie related catches my eye (the 5 year old is still in me....), and Whimsical is described as a pinky nude. I only really love it for it's name! Whimsical, ooh it sounds so magical! It was recently reviewed on Lily's second blog, albeit slightly more nude than expected, however I need a good nude lipstick in my make-up collection. 

8. I so nearly purchased this gorgeous white skirt from River Island on Thursday when having a browse during their 20% off for students day. However, my friend did point out it's similar to a white skirt I purchased from there last year but it's so, so pretty! What do you think?

9+10. I'm quite eager to find some new tops at the moment as I'm rather bored of all of mine. This pink, pleated, Peter Pan collar top from Topshop is adorable, and I love this bargainous peplum style t shirt from Topshop too. There are some cheaper versions of the peplum t shirt on the high street, from New Look for example. I think if you want to take on the current peplum trend, a simple t shirt is the easiest way to work it into your wardrobe.

11. More cute, kitsch Topshop things! This unicorn necklace isn't very me but I just couldn't resist, it caught my eye straight away and I love a good piece of statement jewellery.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and enjoyed my wishlist. What's caught your eye this weekend? And what are you up to? Let me know with a comment below.

Love Lucy xxx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Lucy Diaries: Midweek Instagram (25/04/12)

1. Saying goodbye to Puppy Patrick in the window 2. Birthday cards speaking the truth 3. Birthday nails 4. A glass of Rosé for the birthday girl 5. Sunbathing during lessons...naughty 6. Strawberries for lunch 7. Been shopping 8. Marc Jacobs for me? 9. Finally, my watch fits my ridiculously small wrist! 10. Goodbye CrapBerry, hello iPhone! 11. The bestie and I playing around with my iPhone 12. Reading for the train journey.

Hello everyone,
I don't know about you but I l o v e Instagram posts! I know it's kind of become a phenomenon in the blogging world and on twitter. I actually downloaded it last July but never really used it. However, now that I officially own an iPhone (good riddance to my BlackBerry, it's time really was well and truly over), you will be seeing a lot more of me around here ;) And I know it's a bit of a tradition on here to post your Instagram posts on a Sunday, I thought I'd do mine every Wednesday as I think it's quite nice to have an unexpected nosey in the middle of the week. The sudden rush of posts in a Sunday is fab but it's nice to have some in the middle of the week too. You can follow me @lucyloves.

Just a little apology, I know I promised quite a while ago I'd be properly blogging, however due to lots of busy and stressful times at college and a broken camera (sob), I've been unable to. However my camera is back to it's fine and fit self now and I'm very eager to get posting! Despite the fact I have 7 exams to be preparing for.... though I guess the two General Studies exams don't count, right? Shhh ;)

Hope you're all fine and fabulous,
Lucy xxx