Saturday, 28 April 2012

Weekend Wishlist (28/04/12)

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Hello guys and girls,
My first weekend wishlist for quite sometime! And it's a biggun'! I hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far. I'm just procrastinating, lazing about in bed watching YouTube videos and wasting my life on the internet - anything to stop me from revising for my French retake oral exam on Tuesday (!) or for my A-Levels (!!). Anyway, here's a collection of things I'm lusting after at the moment, and surprise surprise, all mainly from Topshop!

1. I'm loving the neon-trend, as you can tell, at the moment. These neon pink jeggings from Pull & Bear are gorgeous. I actually tried on a similar pair in Primark the other day but they were far too big - a size 8! Can't believe it but they were just horribly baggy, yet they looked tiny, I was worried I wouldn't be able to fit in them at all haha! Anyway, Pull & Bear have this gorgeous pair for only £19.99, they have them in a whole range of colours and I'm also loving the neon yellow and neon orange.

2. This Topshop dress is a rather garish and daring colour, I'm sure you'd agree! However I saw this on the website a few weeks ago and fell in love. As I mentioned, I'm loving neon especially neon yellow. This dress + a gorgeous golden tan = holiday fashion Goddess perfection.

3. How ahh-mazing are these pyjamas?! I think I could quite easily say that Topshop, hands down, do the best pj's! I still am loving moustache print things, and I'm still desperate to find a ring and necklace like everyone and their Grandma has. Anyway, these are so cute and kitsch, and I love how snuggly the pyjama bottoms look too.

4. A perfect, shimmery and sparkly Barbie pink nail varnish. I'm actually yet to purchase a Topshop nail varnish, however I received a Topshop gift voucher for my birthday a month ago that I'm yet to spend and I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether to buy nail varnishes, a lipstick or some jewellery. 

5. Neon yellow again! There are quite a few neon yellow nail varnishes out there however I've heard the American Apparel one is the only one that cuts it. Beyond tempted to purchase this.

6+7. Topshop lipsticks are some of the best high-street lipsticks out there, in my opinion. They've recently released three new colours and I adore these two. Tease is described as 'barbie pink' - hello! Anything Barbie pink or in fact Barbie related catches my eye (the 5 year old is still in me....), and Whimsical is described as a pinky nude. I only really love it for it's name! Whimsical, ooh it sounds so magical! It was recently reviewed on Lily's second blog, albeit slightly more nude than expected, however I need a good nude lipstick in my make-up collection. 

8. I so nearly purchased this gorgeous white skirt from River Island on Thursday when having a browse during their 20% off for students day. However, my friend did point out it's similar to a white skirt I purchased from there last year but it's so, so pretty! What do you think?

9+10. I'm quite eager to find some new tops at the moment as I'm rather bored of all of mine. This pink, pleated, Peter Pan collar top from Topshop is adorable, and I love this bargainous peplum style t shirt from Topshop too. There are some cheaper versions of the peplum t shirt on the high street, from New Look for example. I think if you want to take on the current peplum trend, a simple t shirt is the easiest way to work it into your wardrobe.

11. More cute, kitsch Topshop things! This unicorn necklace isn't very me but I just couldn't resist, it caught my eye straight away and I love a good piece of statement jewellery.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and enjoyed my wishlist. What's caught your eye this weekend? And what are you up to? Let me know with a comment below.

Love Lucy xxx

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