Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Lucy Diaries: Midweek Instagram (25/04/12)

1. Saying goodbye to Puppy Patrick in the window 2. Birthday cards speaking the truth 3. Birthday nails 4. A glass of Rosé for the birthday girl 5. Sunbathing during lessons...naughty 6. Strawberries for lunch 7. Been shopping 8. Marc Jacobs for me? 9. Finally, my watch fits my ridiculously small wrist! 10. Goodbye CrapBerry, hello iPhone! 11. The bestie and I playing around with my iPhone 12. Reading for the train journey.

Hello everyone,
I don't know about you but I l o v e Instagram posts! I know it's kind of become a phenomenon in the blogging world and on twitter. I actually downloaded it last July but never really used it. However, now that I officially own an iPhone (good riddance to my BlackBerry, it's time really was well and truly over), you will be seeing a lot more of me around here ;) And I know it's a bit of a tradition on here to post your Instagram posts on a Sunday, I thought I'd do mine every Wednesday as I think it's quite nice to have an unexpected nosey in the middle of the week. The sudden rush of posts in a Sunday is fab but it's nice to have some in the middle of the week too. You can follow me @lucyloves.

Just a little apology, I know I promised quite a while ago I'd be properly blogging, however due to lots of busy and stressful times at college and a broken camera (sob), I've been unable to. However my camera is back to it's fine and fit self now and I'm very eager to get posting! Despite the fact I have 7 exams to be preparing for.... though I guess the two General Studies exams don't count, right? Shhh ;)

Hope you're all fine and fabulous,
Lucy xxx


  1. gorgeous watch! xx

  2. I thought I'd do mine every can you pay for instagram followers Wednesday as I think it's quite nice to have an unexpected nosey in the middle of the week.