Sunday, 12 June 2011

Glamour Magazine & Other Goodies

Don't know if you're all aware but in the UK issue of Glamour this month they're giving away 3 mini Benefit products (one product per magazine). It's only £2 when in reality a full sized version of the products they're giving away would cost about £10. You can collect High Beam, PosieTint or BeneTint. Asthe tints scare me ever so slightly, I decided to get the High Beam, a highlighter/illuminator that brightens up certain areas of the skin. I haven't yet tried it out but I'm excited to and I can't believe you only have to pay £2 for the magazine and the product! I'm slightly tempted to get 2 more copies so I get all 3 products! So that's just a shout out for you all.

Anyway, Adele is currently gracing the cover of Glamour this month looking absolutely gorgeous. I'm not particularly a fan of her music, Someone Like You drives me insane now and I'm not a fan of either of her albums but it is no doubt that she has an incredible voice and I love her as a person, she's got such a fantastic personality!
The other things I picked up were pretty boring:
  • Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner
  • Cadbury's Giant Chocolate Buttons
  • Garnier Ambre Solaire suncream SPF 30
  • Nivea Double Effect deodorant. 
Anyway, I know this isn't a terribly exciting post but I hope you enjoyed it anyway and if you're in the UK I hope it's encouraged you to pick up Glamour!

Lucy xxx


  1. Yes I do!! Haha, let's see if I can actually keep up with this one... I figured that seeing as no one on tumblr cares what I buy etc, why not see if blogger cares?
    Plus I'm blates gonna be the next Lily.

  2. i have a subscription to glamour and i was SO happy when i got high beam! - and i totally agree on the adele front! xo

  3. Hey found ur blog for ur tumbrl, and i'm officially following u!