Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Summer 2011 Clothes Haul!

Hi everyone, first of all I would like to thank you all for following me, I've only had this blog since Saturday evening and I've already got a nice little number of followers. So thank you very,very much, I really do appreciate it!

ANYWAY! I'm off to Nice in the South of France next week for a week with my college and I'm very excited about it. My amazing mother has kindly bought me some new clothes for the trip and for the Summer - and no, before you ask, I am not very well off at all actually, nor am I spoilt rotten so I am very appreciative and grateful when either one of my parents treat me to stuff like this.

I am totally in love with this gorgeous sheer shirt from New Look. I'm really not that big a fan of New Look, it's always felt a bit cheap for me and somewhere I'd only go in an emergency but it's really been impressing me recently and I cannot believe I bought this there! The colour's more cream/off-white in person (apologies for my camera flash). I love the gold buttons that make it look and feel more expensive than it really is and I also love the fabric and the two front pockets. It's really lovely and light weight to wear, I wore it yesterday to college tucked into my skinny jeans and got lots of compliments! I also took some pictures of it for an Outfit Of The Day post but I'll upload them one day later this week I think.

This was another find from New Look. It's very basic but it's just really nice and casual and looks great with a pair of denim shorts I think, and perfect for the summer. I really love the rainbow stitching which adds an extra pop to the top (hey, that rhymed! Hahaa!)

I'm suddenly very aware that I've bought a lot of white.... I only ever seem to wear white in the summer and black in the winter. How sad! Anyway, this lovely dress (though it's strictly a tunic...) from Topshop is so cute and I just love wearing it, I feel like I should run through a field whilst wearing it or become one of the Von Trapp family. Apologies if you can spot the 'orange' foundation mark on the chest embroidery - I took this off before I had removed my make-up and, well, it made a little mark which is very annoying, will definitely need to sort that out before I go away on Sunday. This was quite cheap too, well, for Topshop! You can get it in different colours too if you don't fancy white, but it's very pretty to wear and I'm very pleased with it. OH and Topshop gave me a massive pink canvas bag and some Topshop eyeshadow with my dress, which was a bit strange! We didn't order it but oh well, I'm not complaining!! 

I told you the only ever colours I wear are black and white! Anyway, I'm in love with this dress! It's from River Island, it was about £30 which I think is quite a lot to spend on a dress that is made from jersey material  though I guess the heavy Moroccan beading is what makes it so pricey! It's unfortunately a bit big for me because my mum bought it in a size 10, though after the past 8 or so months I've lost a lot of weight so I'm now an all round size 8 (yay!). However it's not the end of the world, I'll be able to cope! Anyway, I just love the beading, it's so colourful and pretty and again, it's really light weight so would act as a perfect beach cover up dress. It's also great because it's a dress you can wear during the day but then dress up for the night with different accessories etc.

We had to send this skirt back to River Island as it was way too big for me but now it's the right size I absolutely love it! I've had my eye on it for a while and it hasn't been budging from the River Island website, or the stores, and I don't know why!! We were also lucky when we had to buy it again as they had taken £10 off the price so it's a total steal for £15. I love the woven belt that comes with it and it's the perfect summer skirt in my opinion. I think the material is linen so it's a very airy, light-weight skirt to wear. I'm going to have to be very careful with all this white that I don't get it dirty, aren't I?

This is another New Look purchase, it was a bit of a bargain as it was about £9/10 for the whole lot, considering in most high street shops the bikini top itself costs about £16 onwards (yes, River Island, I'm talking about you!). It's a kind of coral/pink colour that looks great on and the colour actually makes you look quite tanned, even if you're completely pastey white like me.The ruffles on the bikini top are great too as they make your boobs look bigger (wink wink) so over all, this is the perfect bikini!

Finally, my new Summer sandals from ASOS. Now, I've seen so many beautiful sandals everywhere but my mum has been on my back about getting 'sensible' shoes because in France we're apparently going to be walking a lot so I was in a bit of a pickle trying to find some 'sensible', yet 'attractive' looking shoes. My mum was trying to get me to go for some of those Granny sandals that are all over the Topshop website at the moment (eurgh, no thanks!!) and these were pretty much the only sandals that she would approve of. I'll admit, they're not the most sensible of shoes at all as they are totally flat and cut into my feet a bit but I do quite like them anyway! And they were only £15. Probably won't last very long but oh well!

Anyway, that is all for my Summer clothes haul! Sorry it was so picture and text heavy, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Lucy xxx


  1. Love your purchases, especially the shirt & sandals!

  2. Thank you so much Kate! Yes, the shirt is amazing haha xx

  3. I love the white sheer sleeveless shirt and the bikini- hope you have a great holiday!xx

  4. These are lovely picks! The sheer top is my favourite.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  5. Hello!

    Your haul looks really great.
    If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

    Hope to see you around there!
    xoxo :)