Friday, 26 August 2011

Summer 2011...

As summer 2011 is slowly drawing to a close, I thought I would share my good and not so good memories of my summer....

The Good:
  • The best holiday ever to Nice and making some amazing friends and even better relationships with people I knew before.
  • Finishing college for the summer
  • Having a wonderful boyfriend who treated me very well
  • BBQ's!
  • Laughter with my friends on sunny days
  • Birmingham with Josh
  • Going up to London to stay with my sister and spending hours every day on Oxford Street
  • Tequila!
  • Pizza + movies night with Louise and Maya
And The Bad:
  • Finishing college for the summer meaning I actually didn't have a social life for the majority of the holidays
  • Coming home from Nice!
  • The dull English weather
  • Josh going away on holiday for 3 weeks...
  • GateCrasher....
  • Breaking up with Josh
  • Not so perfect AS results
  • Not having another massive beach holiday with my friends!
  • My awful skin - no make-up free days for Lucy...
I do think that as all over the place this summer has been, it will be a very memorable summer for me. I can't wait to finish it off over the next week or so by Nandos + The Inbetweeners with my gorgeous friends, and also going to LA next week! Very excited for both.

What are your best and worst summer memories of 2011? Share them in the comments section below.
Lucy xxx


  1. But good things are always what you'll remember ;). I can't wait for my summer to arrive! I'm bored of the cold weather.

  2. I'm sad that summer is about to end, i don't want it to be dark and cold again!! :(