Saturday, 29 October 2011

Weekend Wishlist (29/10/11)

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Hello everyone, I cannot believe I haven't posted for just over two months.... That really is terrible! Truth is, I just have no time to really keep up with this blog. My other blog ( is much easier for me to run, this one requires so much effort!
I have a HUGE haul post coming up soon though so look out for that.

Anyway! Here's my weekend wishlist...
1. How adorable is this t-shirt? I love anything pink and I just love the illustration of this. I don't normally buy t-shirts like this one but it's just too cute to say no to.

2. Who doesn't love a good, jewel toned blazer? This is such a gorgeous colour and I love the silk detail of the lapels, it looks so elegant and would be fantastic with a pair of plain black leggings or black jeans and a nice blouse or sparkly top I think.

3. This black floaty Topshop skirt is gorgeous and I love the gold embroidered crosses, they make a nice addition I think. I did, however, spot this skirt on X Factor contestant Kitty (who, I am shamefully starting to love) when I met her at the Britney Spears concert on Thursday! It looked quite long on her though and I am definitely a short skirt person so perhaps a smaller size could change the length? Who knows. Topshop has run out of the size 6 and 8 (my size) online so if I really want this I'll have to pop into my local shop!

4. I have seen nothing but rave reviews about this mascara online. The pictures I've seen of people wearing the product are unbelievable - with one coat you get long, thick, volumised, amazing lashes - just what I want! Although the John Lewis price tag is £22, I have found sellers on eBay put this up for about £12 I think? Must. Get. Hands. On. This.

5. 'Tis the season for new jimjams! How CUTE are these pyjamas? Perhaps they won't exactly keep you warm and snug in the upcoming chilly Winter months but you certainly will look perfect for the holidays! These are an absolute must have in my opinion, and you can't beat an adorable set of Topshop pyjamas.

6. I think this is on everyone and their dog's wishlist's at the moment.... For me, this is the ultimate Winter party dress. It's a gorgeous black velvet material with pretty sparkly silver spots all over. It's a very flattering shape and would no doubt cause many compliments! I'm aware of the rose-y pink alternative but this is simply perfect and I must have it, even with it's £46 price tag (damn you, Topshop!)

7. Now, I understand that this will never be mine but I saw this on the Topshop website and my heart skipped a beat. This looks really similar to a dress that Blake Lively from Gossip Girl wore... I think. But it is a beautiful ombre effect sequin dress that costs an absolute fortune but you can guarantee would be the most incredible dress you have ever owned. Sigh... this is definitely for the wishlist.

8. Finally, these bad boys from River Island look perfect to finish off any Autumn/Winter outfit. They're not my usual shoe and the snakeskin effect does look a bit tacky but I'm sure when actually wearing them, they look beyond fierce!

Hope you like this weekends picks! Let me know which items would be on your wishlist in the comments section below, and hopefully it won't be too long until you hear from me again.

Lucy xxx


  1. I actually adore those pyjamas - so cute! xxx

  2. Those black wedges are amazing x

  3. The topshop pyjamas - love at first sight!

  4. I love that topshop skirt, I'm sure I've seen one of the saturdays wearing it too :) Those snowman PJs are so cute! x

  5. Ha those snowman p.js are fabulous. I need those RI wedges!

    Satin&Souffles xx

  6. i really love the color of that blazer! it's so rich

  7. Everything here is absolutely , I especially love the pyjamas! xx

  8. the lost dog t-shirt is too cute!

  9. lovely and cool.

  10. cute!!!